Antwerp Curling Cup!

ATV and Aspen Bocadero challlenge you on ice! 
Take part in the second "Antwerp Curling Cup" at Aspen Bocadero from December 26 till January 20st.
The preselections are taking place in December and January. 

How to participate?
➢ Compose a team between 4-6 persons 
➢ Choose a date 
➢ Choose a time-slot
➢ Subscribe by using the online form
(hold the "shift-key" to identify several available dates)
➢ Pay €80 when you play for the first time (price per team and per participation)

An initiation is provided for each team. We expect you 15 min before start of the tournament. The tournament (incl. Initiation) lasts 75 minutes. Every night there are 4 winning teams competing for the title later.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

ATV & Aspen Bocadero